Educational Programmes

Molyvos International Music Festival runs year-round educational programmes, aiming to “unlock” the imagination and enhance the creativity of children and young people.

Our educational programmes in numbers




Musical Key

The Musical Key programme consists of art and music-kinetic workshops held in schools in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the North Aegean. 

During the workshops, distinguished young artists perform classical repertoire pieces, imparting their passion and knowledge of music to our young audiences. 

The students who participate are taught interactively and are encouraged to explore new ways of expression through music. The workshops last 45’- 60’ minutes and are designed for students of the Fifth and Sixth Primary School Grades, Junior High School (Gymnasio) and General High School (Lyceum).


The MO-TO key programme was launched in 2017, aiming to introduce children to cultural management, offering them relative knowledge and all the necessary information to understand the field. The MO-TO Key is carried out in collaboration with the German cultural institution TONALi and the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the North Aegean. 

Greece is the third country to implement this educational programme, beside Germany and Italy. MO-TO Key is addressed to fifth and sixth grade primary school students and junior high school students.

In the first leg, the participants learn how to organize a cultural event, which they then must implement. In practice: each school “adopts” a talented TONALi musician, aiming to plan and organize a real concert at their school. In the final leg, students from all the schools, with the help of the MIMF committee, collaborate and organize a chamber music concert, where they invite all the musicians to participate, for the grand finale of the programme. 


Young People’s Concert

During the Festival, MIMF organizes a concert especially adapted for the young audience, giving them the opportunity to come in direct contact with the musicians participating in the official program.

With a huge thanks to our festival partners