Koltun Florian

Xin Wang & Florian Koltun met in 2008 as freshmen at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln / Germany and formed their dynamic musical partnership shortly thereafter. They have since toured extensively, with notable recitals in Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, Belgium, Poland, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, China and Hong Kong. They are regularly a welcome Piano Duo at diverse well-known concert Halls like Berliner Philharmonie, Schloss Elmau in Germany, Qintai Concert Hall in Wuhan, Concert Hall in Xiamen, Henan Art Center in Zhengzhou, Concert Hall in Ningbo, Poly Grand Theatre in Hohhot and many others. The Piano Duo Xin Wang and Florian Koltun appeared with many famous orchestras, among them Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinfonieorchester Aachen and Berliner Camerata under the baton of famous conductors like Kazem Abdullah, James P. Liu, Eduardo Strausser and Fuad Ibrahimov. The Piano Duo is a regular guest at international festivals such as Skrjabin Piano Festival Grosseto Italy, Piano Festival „federi musica“ Neapel Italy, International Piano Festival Salerno Italy, „IBLA Claasic“ Sicilia Italy, Piano Festival Orbetello Italy, „Friday Nights with Yury Revich“ Wien Austria, International Art Festival Kotor Montenegro, International Music Festival Deià Spain, Festival „Palau March Museu“ Palma Spain, „Festival de musique classique a Pompignan“ Toulouse France, Palais Sommer Dresden Germany, „Monschau Klassik“ Germany, „International Piano Festival Wuhan” China and many others. Xin Wang & Florian Koltun believe strongly in the communicative potential of music, and their performances bringing joy to people around the world. They swept the audience into a cheering mass of humanity, making a strong case that playing piano is the most fun thing that two people could ever do together.

With a huge thanks to our festival partners